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Lunch Box 594: Odd things


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Buncha weird stuff For some reason I found my fridge blessed with an abundance of fruits & vegetables but very little in the way of protein. It took a few minutes before I hit on a solution to this problem: a boiled egg. Whew, saved from veganism at the last minute!

(You know I'm just kidding. I have nothing but respect for vegans. Please don't hurt me.)

And I also have steamed, butter-fried breadfruit, light-fried plantains, strawberries, almond jelly, fresh longans, and mochi. That's a pretty exotic meal, except for the egg, isn't it? If you live in Atlanta, I recommend you check out the Buford Highway Farmer's Market; lately they've been selling boxes of fresh strawberries for 99 cents. Now you know why they keep turning up in my lunches.

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