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Lunch Box 602: Buttoned rice


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Blank vs. busy This box is closer to the traditional Japanese bento format than most of my lunches. Close enough to the right ratio of the various bits (rice, vegetable, protein, fruit), and I've even put the pickled plums in the rice. Well, except there's two instead of one. By accident I bought koume instead of umeboshi, so instead of soft pickled plums (which are actually apricots) I ended up with grape-sized, hard pickled plumricots. They taste the same, but you can't squeeze out the pits, tear 'em up, and mix the bits with the rice, so I included two.

On the non-rice side I have zucchini & onion stir-fry, sauteed beef & mushrooms which I cooked together instead of making them separate as usual (I covered & simmered the mushrooms until they got juicy, then added the beef and stir-fried it the rest of the way), and some apple.

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