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Lunch Box 605: Meatcupcakes


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For little Georgie C Why have I never made mealoaf cupcakes with silicone cupcake cups before? Besides not having any silicone cups, that is? They are the perfect way to make little bento-able protein packages. These ones have ketchup "frosting," of course. For trivia's sake, the recipe I used, which is on my site, makes an even dozen meatcakes.

I also have the usual: steamed broccoli, baked Japanese sweet potato, and rice, plus carrot & raisin salad made with golden raisins. While making these I accidentally opened a cup of plain yogurt instead of vanilla, which meant that I have some leftover plain yogurt to use up, and the only recipe I know that uses plain yogurt is naan, so I guess I'm obligated to make some flatbread in the very near future.

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