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Lunch Box 606: Foursquare


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Foursquare Here's a recapitulation of my favorite meal from Benihana: stir-fried beef, zucchini & onion stir-fry, rice, and sauteed mushrooms. And naan, which has nothing to do with Benihana and everything to do with deliciousness and I encourage you all to try making it yourselves.

The night before I made this I put some beef on the fridge to defrost. When I went to cook it I found that I'd defrosted some sukiyaki beef instead of regular stir-fryin' meat. So, oh well, I cooked what I had, and it tasted just fine, though it was kind of strange to have such thin-sliced beef by itself as opposed to mixed in with other items or in pseuki yaki.

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