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Lunch Box 615: Porky Yorkie


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Yorkie! Today's meal starts with my Mom's pork chops and associated bell peppers and mushrooms. This is very easy to make, and tastes very good. The Yorkshire pudding was a bit more of a challenge because they're just generally fiddly to make. Whipping the batter like mad, heating a drippings-filled pan, et cetera. They're best when hot and puffy, but I find I like them just as much after you microwave them; it changes the texture in a way I like. Oh, and instead of beef gravy I made these with turkey drippings. Yes, the Thanksgiving turkey is still with us. I'm beginning to think turkey doesn't have a shelf life, it has a half-life. Finally, I have spinach with mayonnaise and homemade an pan.

My first experience with Yorkshire pudding was when I visited Mom in England back when I was in college. She made some "Yorkies," and said they came out all wrong, because they were so rubbery they bounced when you dropped them. I don't know, I liked them anyway. I keep wanting to make a batch so she can try one and tell me if I got it right. At least they don't bounce.

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