My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 622: Sebastian for lunch


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Clawful I loves me some snow crab. It's very rare - as in never - that I and up with any left over, but somehow I saved two claws for lunch. They look lovely, don't they?  The only problem with putting them in a  bento box is that you can't exactly pick them up daintily with a pair of chopsticks. You have to break into 'em. And when it comes to crab, I have the table manners of Henry the 8th. So, it's a good thing I eat in my office, where there are no witnesses.

I also have yaki onigiri, some steamed broccoli, and some baked purple sweet potato. On the other side are chunks of breadfruit, strawberries, persimmon, and kumquats. Kumquats, for those not in the know, are like grape-sized oranges, and you eat them whole, rind and all. They are also very funny-sounding, which makes them worth buying right there.

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