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Lunch Box 626: Saved by the Chicken


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Chicken & stuff It's been nasty down here in the southeastern US. One day the low will be zero degrees Fahrenheit after you figure in the wind chill, and a few days later the high will be in the sixties. I just can't get used to this yoyoing around. It saps my energy, so when I drag myself in my front door I'm rarely in the mood to get creative in the kitchen, which is why I haven't been posting as frequently as usual lately. I've been packing bentos, but who needs to see my sandwiches day after day?

Last time I went by Kroger after work they had some rotisserie chickens on sale. It was cold and drizzly outside, I was tired and cranky, and tender hot herbed chickens for less than a fiver each appeared before me. I didn't even try to resist. So - here I have some roast chicken, light-fried plantain; a cafeteria roll, strawberries, pink grapefruit, and mochi. The plantain was from a batch I cooked over the weekend, and the roll was intended to be a hot dog bun, but it ended up kinda runty.

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