My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 632: My chips can beat up Lay's chips


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I am Curious (Yellow) Today's lunch, which looks terrible because of my lack of photography skillz, starts with obimake enoki, Feeling chipperAKA mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Ah, bacon - even when not dipped in chocolate it's still awesome. I have steamed broccoli, which is not awesome but I consider to be quite good. Baked purple sweet potato, and it's an undeniable fact that purple food is its own justification. Mochi, which is quietly excellent, and finally microwave lotus chips. That's like potato chips, but made with lotus root in the microwave. I made them with a microwave potato chip maker, seen at left, and I double-dog dare you to tell me that that's not awesomeness defined.

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