My Lunch Can Beat Up Your Lunch!

Lunch Box 636: Lame and Lamer


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Skittles I was going for the paintbox look with this lunch. It includes a pair of meatloaf cupcakes, which is simply meatloaf cooked in silicon cups instead of a loaf pan; baked purple potato, which is a purple potato that tastes like a white creamer tater; steamed broccoli, pink orange, and taiyaki.

When I saw that Kroger had some new food like lotus root and purple potatoes, I thought "Cool!" When I saw that they had no prices, I thought "Lame." When the produce clerk had no idea how much the purple potatoes were, I thought "Quite lame." When I went to the self-checkout and they were not in the system I thought "totally lame." When she shrugged and gave me two pounds for 79 cents I thought, "Cool!'

When I went back the next time and found out those potatoes are actually $2.99 a pound... LAME.

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