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Lunch Box 642: Spring?


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The weather in Atlanta has been insane. Warm Spring weather, then down to the 30s with snow flurries for a few days, then overnight the temperature jumps up by another 20 degrees. Oh, and tornadoes, but those are typical of Spring in the south.

Anyway, I've got a Spring lunch here. I don't care if it refuses to act like Spring, the calendar says it is. There's some beef & broccoli stir-fry, light-fried plantains, edamame, and sakura mochi (onigiri type).

The sakura mochi is the spring-specific part of the meal. In Japan, people have hanami - cherry blossom viewing parties - when the cherry trees bloom in Spring. I couldn't find a cherry tree to sit under, but from my 9th floor office window I can see some dogwoods.

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