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Bento Recipes: Pumpkin melon pan


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Look weird, taste good.This was actually an accident. My original plan was to use the pumpkin as filling, but it was too squishy and always leaked out. I gave up halfway through and, on a whim, started putting the pumpkin on the outside rather than the inside. Guess what - that turned out pretty good!

What you need:

    cafeteria roll dough
    pumpkin pie filling (It's easiest just it buy it in a can.)
    a greased cookie sheet

Make the cafeteria roll dough. After you knead in the sugar and butter, roll out the dough into a flat sheet about an inch thick. Cut out rectangles of whatever size you prefer, place them on the greased cookie sheet, and spoon pumpkin pie filling onto the tops. Don't be stingy, ladle a generous amount onto each one. It's not like you're likely to run out of this filling unless you're making a triple batch of cafeteria rolls!

Let the rolls rise. The ones in the picture only rose for 20 minutes; you can let them go longer - say, 45 minutes - if you want larger, fluffier buns. The pumpkin on the top will crack as they rise; that's normal. Pop the buns into an oven preheated to 400 degrees F and bake for 12 minutes. Then take them out and let them cool. The pumpkin filling should harden enough not to be tacky. If it's still wet, you can let the oven cool a little and then put the buns back in for a while to dry it out.