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Bento Stuffers: Rice crackers


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Japan has rice crackers like the US has potato and corn chips. They come in various shapes, textures, and flavors. You should be able to find all sorts of different kinds of them at any Asian market. They're a nice munchy snack, and add flavor and texture variety to lunch boxes. Here are the kinds I've used in lunch boxes thus far:

  • Bin-Bin rice crackers - Two peanutlike wafers in each plastic package, sold in bags of a dozen packages. From Thailand.
  • Cherry Bits (nori flavored rice crackers shaped like cherry blossoms)
  • Nori maki arare - pretzel-like sticks wrapped in nori
  • Usuyaki komaru "salad" - crispy, round crackers
  • Mixed rice crackers that you can get in regular grocery stores, "Sushi Chef" brand for example.