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Bento Recipes: Salad


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Yup, rabbit food. I make really boring salads. I tear up iceberg lettuce and put dressing on it and that's it. When I'm feeling ambitious I cut up a roma tomato and slice up some mushrooms, but bento compartments are small, and a tomato's sure to crowd the greens out. What makes this worth mentioning at all is the dressing. I use ginger dressing from Benihana, which has the most delicious salad dressing in the known universe. People asked for the recipe so often that Benihana started keeping photocopies of it to hand out. And then they realized they could make some money at it and started selling the dressing itself! Last time I got it it was $4 for a pint, and well worth it. You can freeze it, and it keeps forever in the fridge because it's vinegary. This dressing goes well with light-tasting lettuces like iceberg; stronger-tasing lettuces like Romaine will clash with it.

If you put any kind of dressing on your salad before you're ready to eat it it's liable to slop onto the rest of the food, or stick to the lid, or make some other kind of mess. Here you can see that, in the salad compartment, I have a little blue thing. That's a container made especially for sauces and dressings in bento boxes. Very handy thing, that.