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Bento Recipes: Steamed breadfruit


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Move over, artichokes.A breadfruit looks something like a knobbly melon. It may have white stuff on the outside; the plant gives off latex, so that's just breadfruit tree sap. Steamed breadfruit - the fruit being not quite ripe and thus a little hard - tastes much like artichoke heart. If you like artichoke, imagine an artichoke heart the size of a honeydew melon! Mmm.

So, get an unripe breadfruit. Start your steamer, and while that's warming up peel the breadfruit, then cut it up into largish bite-sized chunks. Steam them for 20 minutes, until a fork goes in but the breadfruit is not mushy. Serve with melted butter (with a bit of lemon and salt) for dipping.

Variation: It's likely not convenient to pack melted butter in a bento box, so instead you can stir-fry the chunks of breadfruit in butter after steaming them. Fry 'em over low to medium heat for about 15 minutes, long enough for the butter to soak in.