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Bento Recipe: Squid kebabs


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Here's something simple and easy, yet fun, providing unusual seafood is your idea of fun.

You need a medium to large squid tube (the head part, not the tentacles), a bunch of white mushrooms, butter, and bamboo skewers. When preparing kebabs for a bento box, keep in mind the size of the compartment they'll be in. The skewers may be able to go over partitions, otherwise you might have to cut them short. I have no problem with 6" skewers.

Cut the squid tube into inch-square pieces. Cut the mushrooms in halves. Skewer them, alternating between squid and mushroom, making sure that they touch and that the end piece is squid. Brush 'em all over with melted butter. Then place them on a heated grill. (I use a George Foreman.) Grill for a minute, then turn and grill some more, making sure all sides get equal attention. Brush with the runoff butter and juice to keep it moist. It's done when the piece of squid on the end turns opaque white down to the skewer. Don't cook it longer or it'll get tough!

I haven't made this on a regular grill, but if I were to the first thing I'd do after buttering it is to wrap it in tinfoil to evenly distribute the heat and keep it from drying out. If anyone tries this, please let me know how it worked. I wouldn't mind suggestions for spices and things to add to the skewers, either.