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Bento Recipes: Simmered quail eggs


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The basic idea I had when I thought this up was that canned quail eggs (which come boiled and shelled, of course) are kinda bland by themselves, so what can I do with them to make them more interesting? What I came up with at the time was simmering them in teriyaki sauce. So...

What you need:

    quail eggs
    5 tbsp of soy sauce
    1 tbsp of sugar
    2 tbsp of mirin 

Mix the soy, mirin, and sugar well. Put the mixture into a sauce pan and heat it on medium, stirring every so often. When it reaches a simmer, put in the eggs. Let the sauce come back to a simmer, lower the heat a touch, and stir the eggs around often to give them even coverage.  After about 10 minutes the eggs should be tan colored and ready to eat.