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Bento Recipes: Chicken (or turkey) salad sandwich


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Chicken salad is easy to make. At least, the way I make it, it is.

Get a 6 ounce can of chunk chicken packed in water. (Or if you have leftover chicken on hand that you want to use up, that works fine too.) Drain it and, with a fork, shred the chunks of chicken. Peel about 3/4 inch of cucumber, then dice it up and add it to the chicken. Top it off with two or three tablespoons of mayonnaise, depending on how creamy you want it to be, and mix it up well.

Turkey salad is easy to make from leftover turkey. Take shreds of meat - we all know there's plenty of that after the main carving! - and chop and shred them up until they're no longer chunky. I cut the meat up with a knife, then mix it roughly with a pair of forks to pull the pieces of meat apart. Then mix however much meat you have with however much mayonnaise it takes to get it to the desired consistency, and then add in however much diced cucumber you want.

It's best to pack the chicken (or turkey) salad separately from the bread, as opposed to making the sandwiches beforehand, as the very moist mixture will turn the bread to mush long before lunchtime. I use several little sauce containers to hold the stuff until it's time to assemble it. Another option is to wrap it in a lettuce leaf.