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Bento Recipes: Grilled chicken sandwich


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This is a bit heartier than a deli sandwich made with chicken meat, and probably healthier as well because the meat isn't processed. First, flatten out a chicken breast and grill it. (I use my George Foreman grill.) Depending on how thick you want your sandwich, you can either use the whole slab o' chicken or cut it up. I use patience and a sharp knife to cut mine right down the middle, the longest way possible, into two broad, flat pieces, suitable for two sandwiches. Actually, that's what I did the first time - then I realized that, since I was going to cut the sandwich into two anyway, I could cut the breast in half first and then do the finicky bisecting part on each half. Much easier! Another possibility is cutting the chicken into thin strips and layering them on the bread, sort of like chickenny bacon.

I usually use white mountain bread or french bread for my sandwiches, and with chicken I like to add mayonnaise, lettuce, and sometimes pickles and tomatoes. (I skip the tomatoes for bento purposes - their juice can make the bread soggy.)