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Bento Recipe: Thanksgiving aftermath gravy


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This isn't straight Thanksgiving gravy; you'd serve that on Thanksgiving. This is gravy you make at least a day after Thanksgiving. Which seems kind of strange, but then people usually have a lot more turkey left over than gravy.

What you'll need:

    1/2 cup turkey drippings, refrigerated & fat-skimmed
    1/2 cup turkey soup stock, refrigerated & fat-skimmed
    1/2 cup water (or less, depending on how thick your soup stock is)
    1 tbsp flour
    2 tbsp cornstarch or katakuriko (potato starch)
    Salt and pepper

Start by making the ingredients on Thanksgiving...

    Drippings: After the turkey is cooked shlurp the drippings out of the pan with a turkey baster, put them into a container of some sort, and set it overnight in the refrigerator. The drippings will congeal into jellylike stuff, and the fat will rise to the top. Scoop off the fat to reveal the orange drippings.

    Soup stock: Instructions for this are over on the Thanksgiving aftermath stew page.

Mix the half-cups of drippings and stock in a pot. Mix the flour and cornstarch/katakuriko with the water. (If your stock is thick, use a half-cup of water. If it's thinner, use less. Use your own judgment and taste here, and remember that you can always add in more water.) Add this mixture to the pot and, using a wire whisk, mix it over medium heat until it's a uniform liquid. Keep it just below a simmer; if it starts to bubble turn down the heat. Cook it, stirring often, until it thickens to the desired consistency, and add salt and pepper to taste.