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Bento Recipe: Vegetable, Carrot, Rice, etc. Noodles


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Heavy on the yakisoba sauceThese are yet more kinds of noodle that you boil for a few minutes, then drain and serve by themselves or with stir-fried vegetables. Vegetable noodles have a green tinge and a slight vegetable-y taste, and carrot noodles are orangish and taste faintly carrotish. Then there are shrimp noodles and egg noodles, and I bet you can guess what those taste like. And then there are rice noodles, which are made with rice instead of wheat, and are transparent instead of white. I find them all quite pleasing.

The way I like to cook these is to break the bundles so the noodles won't be too long, boil them according with the instructions on the package, drain them, mix them with stir-fried stuff (the kind I put in yakiudon), and serve hot with a dash of soy sauce or yakisoba sauce. As with other noodles, these can become clumpy in your lunch box unless you mix in a little vegetable oil to coat the noodles.