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Bento Recipes: Wraps


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Wraps are basically sandwiches that, instead of being filling between two flat slabs of bread, are rolled up in one round, thin piece. For most any regular sandwich you can make a corresponding wrap. Even peanut butter and jelly, if you're really determined. All you need are the sandwich fixings and, of course, wrap bread.

Put the wrap bread on a plate. Smear condiments like mustard or mayonnaise on the middle two-thirds, horizontally speaking. Then lay the fillings out in the middle, leaving the top and bottom edges of the wrap - about an inch and a half on either side - free. Also leave the edge that will be on the outside empty of fillings.  (Assuming you're going to roll the wrap left to right, leave the right edge free.)

Fold the top side down over the fillings, fold the bottom side up, and then roll the wrap up right-to-left burrito style. You should have a cylinder that, if cut, will reveal a spiral of wrap bread and fillings that, if tightly enough wrapped, won't come apart as you eat it.

An alternate wrapping scheme has worked for me: wrap it as described above, but without folding the top and bottom edges inward. Cut the wrap in half, and then open the wrap by a few inches, tilt the edge upward, and wrap it again, so the open end is narrower than the cut end. (In other words, you make a sort of cone.) That way, the fillings won't fall out so easily, and you don't end up with the mouthful of bread at either end.