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Bento Recipe: Yakisoba


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Yakisoba is stir-fried soba noodles with other stuff. Like yakiudon, but with soba instead of udon. When I make this stuff, I'm utterly inexact, so this recipe will be as well. No need to get out the measuring spoons.

Cook the soba noodles according to the instructions on the package. Then put a dash of vegetable oil in a skillet and fry up some stuff. Pretty much anything for yakiudon is fair game here too. I like cabbage, carrots, bamboo, shiitake mushrooms, seafood medley, and tofu myself. Fry up the stuff that'll need more cooking first - carrots, for example - and then add in the softer stuff like cabbage and tofu. Stir-fry this for a minute or two, then add in the noodles.  Mix well to make sure the noodles get a good coating of oil, then stir-fry for a few more minutes, adding yakisoba sauce or other flavoring to taste.

Kizami nori - seaweed sheets cut up into narrow, short strips - makes a nice topping for this.  Sprinkle some on top when serving the yakiudon.

A variation on this is yakisomen. Basically, I realized at one point that I had no soba and lots of somen in my pantry. I wasn't sure the noodles were tough enough to use in this dish, somen being very thin noodles, but it turned out fine.