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Link Buttons

You know those cheesy "(whatever) now" and "This site best viewed with..." buttons? I've created a few of my own, most of which can be freely distributed.


Yet more cheesiness! I've created some fake banners that you can slap on your page, if the buttons aren't tacky enough.

Brak is DOOMed

Here's a doom WAD file I put together to change a few sounds and graphics. To play it, unzip this file, place it in the same directory as your DOOM game, type:


and blast away! This WAD will work with all versions of DOOM (DOOM II, Final DOOM, etc.) except the shareware demo.

Space Ghost Solitaire, Version 2.0

 I'll bet you've always wanted to play solitaire with a deck of Space Ghost cards, haven't you? Well, thanks to Steve Orlando you can! This is a 110K downloadable of a Windows solitaire game featuring the Ghost Planet inmates. It comes as a zipfile, which expands to a little over a half a meg.

Version 2.0 includes improved graphics.

NOTE: I make no warrantees about this game, and take no responsibility for any problems it may cause or whether it will work on any given computer, so use it at your own risk. I will say that I have virus checked it (it came up clean), I have had no problems playing it on my own system, and I wouldn't post it on my page if I believed it to be unsafe.

Space Ghost Desktop Stuff

Hey, have you seen my Space Ghost Icon Libraries and animated "Dancin' Brak" cursors for Windows? Icon libraries and instruction on how to use them here!

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