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Wow!  Lookit all the stuff me and my scanner have done!

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Deck us all with...

I finally got ahold of a rather special item - a deck of cards in which the Space Ghost characters are one of the suits. These cards have been seen in some Warner Brothers and Turner Studio stores. Click on "Queen Brak" to see the entire deck.

Special thanks to Mr. Pickle for these!

All Hail Queen BRAAAAK!

Martha Stewart, Watch Out!

Here are some excerpts from "Space Ghost Toon Living", a promotional 12-page magazine. It has information on ratings, other shows, and plenty of Cartoon Network promotional events and contests. So, of course I didn't bother with all that stuff - I just put the Space-Ghosty stuff up here.

T'know, Tad really is a vision in fishnets and pumps.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

What Do You Want To Do Today?

Creative Loafing, an Atlanta weekly newspaper, ran in its February 27, 1999 issue an article featuring Cartoon Network. Check out the cover of the issue, which I have in two sizes: a small one for onscreen viewing, and a larger one for printing.

Gee, Ghost, what d'you want to do today?


Did you see the movie "Contact", about man's search for intelligent life in outer space? If you look very close at this screen grab of Mr. Hadden's' skyborne 'home', you'll see proof positive in the lower right monitor of the video wall that there is none.

Thanks go to for this one!

Space Ghost Comic Book

In 1987 Comico put out one issue of a Space Ghost comic. Written by Steve Rude and Mark evanier, with artwork by Rude, this comic was actually pretty good! In fact, I enjoyed it more than I did the original TV series, at least in part for its odd sense of humor. I've scanned a few panels; click on the thumbnail at right to see 'em.

Party at Zorak's Place!

I am officially a weiner!

I got this nifty little postcard in the mail to inform me that someone at Cartoon Network liked my haiku! How about that - I'm now an award-winning poet! Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.

Thou art a weiner! And here's why!

The Seance

What happened when Dee Dee, Judy Jetson, and Jan messed around with an ouija board? Guess what they summoned up.

Zorak Vs. Leonard Ghostal

An animated GIF of the bout between The Grey Ghost and The Mantis of The Apocalypse!

Pop Art

The April 1999 issue of How Magazine features the results of HOW's International Design competition. Look who got immortalized in poster form!

Category: Posters
Place: 5 - Merit
Title: Space Ghost Pop Culture
Firm: Cartoon Network, Atlanta
Art Directors: Todd Fedell, Gary Albright
Designer: Todd Fedell

Livin' the High Life!

The Photo Gallery

I was on "Space Ghost Coast to Coast." Really. I'm not fooling. It's just a coincidence that I happened to visit CNN Center, where you can get photos like this taken. has a tattoo of Zorak! Now THAT is one serious fan!

Becky Cady and Trisha Shevlin went to the Dragon Con costume ball as Brak and Space Ghost! Check out their pictures!

Hey, buddy! Lookit the Beanie Brakky! Photo by The Transcriptinator. (Please don't send him E-mail about where to buy these; he's only the photographer.)

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