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Official Unofficial Brak For President Campaign Headquarters

When Brak ran for President, we were there. When he lost to Scooby-Doo, the whole nation wept. But there is always November 2000! Don't give up hope! Check out the campaign commercial, the graphics, and... um, other stuff.

The Space Geek Code 1.2

The Geeks have a code to put in their sigs. And so do the bears. And Tiny Toons fans. And furries. And now, so do Space Ghost fans!

Dance The Night Away on Cartoon Planet!

You've seen the Hampster Dance. You've probably seen a bunch of other "dance" pages. Well, here's mine: the "Cartoon Planet Dance"! Try mousing over the dancers and see what pops up.

Update: Oh no! The Hot Dog Men have invaded my page! And they're out to boogie!!

One 1999 episode, "Snatch", did not have a real ending. Or, rather, the ending was made known to only one person who was willing to spend over $1100 on eBay for it. So, Brak's Scrapbook held a contest to write an ending for "Snatch".

A Hymn to Al Toth

To commemorate in verse the man who designed all of the Space Ghost characters.

Nuggets of Text

Unfortuately, I can't put the skits I've written on this page. Ask me about 'em.


Some haikus I've written. They will move you and make you cry. Possibly in pain.

Borg on the Ghost Planet

What would happen if the Ghost Planet were assimilated?


Hey, "Brak's Scrapbook" has won some awards!  How'z'about that, buddy?

The New Living Ghost

A close-up of the "Coming in August" Space Ghost preview. The new Living Ghost - who is that masked man?

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