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Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak

Brak has finally gotten his very own specials! And here are those shows' very own transcripts!

Brak's Songbook

Lyrics to all of the songs of "Cartoon Planet", including the run time of each song.

Brak's Scriptbook

Transcripts of the Cartoon Planet segments, and the finally-completed episode guide.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Pilots

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is one of the few shows to have *two* pilots. They have not been aired on TV. Muchos gracias to the kind folks at Cartoon Network for these!

The first pilot was put together by Andy Merrill over one weekend. People liked it enough that they asked for a second pilot and actually gave it a bigger budget. Which pilot do you think they followed?

New sound bytes added to these transcripts!

Space Ghost on Donny & Marie!

When Space Ghost interviewed Donny Osmond on "Coast to Coast", he was rude, and did not even let Donny plug his projects. So Donny and Marie decided to get their revenge by bringing Space Ghost onto their talk show... where he could be rude to them and plug his CD mercilessly. Here's the transcript, which now includes sound bytes!

Skits That Never Were:

Here are a few Cartoon Planet skits, sent to me by my buddies at Cartoon Network, that unfortunately never made it to the TV screen. Correction: though I posted "Cheese Log" and "Beef Log" in 1996, they have only just been used in "Brak Presents The Brak Show Starring Brak." I'm glad they finally got used!

Boo Boo Baba Dee Dee

I think this is one heck of a cool promo. Even if the background wasn't chanted by Brak, it would *still* be cool!

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