Guest Artists

Over the years other people have sent me some truly nifty art based on my stories and characters. Here is a bunch of it. Enjoy! If you like what you see, please drop the artist a line and say so.

Wendy Lee | Alex Mancheno | Amanda M. | Carlos Navarros | Melinda Marsh | Kathryn White | Lar DeSouza

Wendy Lee

How to introduce Wendy? She's a muffinhead. She is the Chief Mozeketeer, and furthermore admits to it. She likes chocolate. Her feet don't smell that bad, if you don't get too close. She has a great website, The Center for Volatile Creative Types, which has lots more of her artwork and stories. She is truly the source of much niftiness.

Get a Haircut! #1 Essobee's papa, Negaduck, doesn't care much for the "Rapunzel" look. A sketch.
Get a Haircut! #2 ...and after Ess gets his new 'do, he isn't too happy either. A sketch.
Lady Death A sultry picture of the Negaverse Morgana McCawber that was inspired by an image of "Lady Death".
Witchflight Another image of Nega-Morgana.
Posiduck Posiduck gets a promotion. Based on the end of "Pairaducks Lost".
Wet Essobees Ess and another sorcerous punk take a dip in the Ranma 1/2 Juusenkyo.

Alex Mancheno

One thing I can say about Alex - he's brave! Nobody else that I know of has tackled a certain scene in "Ahiru", because... well, I can't speak for anybody else, but it's just too freaky for me to draw. Well, Alex gave it a try, and I think the result is pretty good.

Ahiru  Mutation  Negaduck, as he appeared in the "Mutation" scene at the end of "Ahiru".

Amanda M.

Yet another person to help make fun of Essobee. Thanks, Amanda!

The Powerpuff Ducks Instead of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, it's Gosalyn, the artist's character Melanie, and... Essobee. Ess doesn't look happy about it either. You'd think he'd be used to people making him look ridiculous by now.

Carlos Navarros

Another nifty artist! Carlos has done illustrations based on Darkwing Duck, various DWD fanfics, and other subjects.

Mallard 1/2 DAFT Comics #2 A cover from DAFT Comics' "Legends of The Dark Duck" series. Is Drake's face red from embarrassment, or lack of oxygen? You decide.
Blazing Satellites The Negademon The Negademon laughing evilly. This one impresses the heck out of me.
"Life, The Multiverse, and Everything" Posiduck vs. Venom Did you think "Batman vs. the Predator" was something? Then check this out!
Various "Fandom Come" In this issue of DAFT Comics, fan characters from all over make their appearance.

Melinda Marsh

Another artist who doesn't seem to be lacking in creative energy! :)

Essobee and Nega-Toad Essobee wishes it was this easy to get back at his father.
Nega-Morgana Looking a good deal more demure than usual. Don't trust her.
Nega-Morgana Spellcasting This is more how you're likely to see her, especially on a dark and stormy night.
Bye-Bye, Bunny! A rather gruesome animated GIF of Negaduck sealing the fate of a Cute Little Lost Bunny. Not based on anything I did, but what the heck, I like it. It's twisted.
The Dummy The voodoo doll of Negaduck that Nega-Morgana used in "The Hellbound Heart."
Quiverwing Quack The adult Quiverwing Quack in an action pose.
Young Essobee If Negaduck was going to have a picture of Essobee it would be this cute young one... Oh, who am I kidding, that would never happen.
(Bad hair alert!)
Bad Hair Day Essobee is having a bad hair day, even for him. Inspired by the cover of Korn's latest CD.
The Hand of Fate Has Essobee been borrowing props from The Master? He'll keep an eye on that candle holder if he knows what's good for him.

Kathryn White

Another talented artist who has a webpage. Check it out!

Essobee A very nice pencil sketch of Essobee as he appears in "Fire and Ice."

Lar DeSouza

What can I say about Lar? A whole lot. I can say that he's a Canadian. I can say that he's a sick duck. I can say that he's a closet Moze-keteer. I can say that he has a lovely wife, Christie, and two cute daughters, Charlotte and Baillie. I can say that he is an incredible artist and one helluva creative dude, and that you can see more of his art and his & Christie's writings in Lar's Studio. I can say that he makes a cruel garlic pork. I can say that he's done so dang much art that I have to break it down into sections on this page. I can say that he's a highly evolved bicycle. See, I can say just about anything about him that I want!

Story based art | Character Based Art | Caricatures | Mozenrath and Essobee | Other goofiness

Story Based Art

The Hellbound Heart Negaverse Gosalyn As she might appear as a teen.
Bull Metal Jacket Showdown The showdown between The Steerminator and Our Heroes.
Mallard 1/2 Morgana McCawber The sorceress as a Shinto priestess.
Life, The Multiverse, and Everything Pretty Poison The Posiverse Gosalyn, posing in front of her gang logo.
Darkwing Duck, The Next Generation Harsh Lesson Negaduck teaches Essobee a lesson about fighting.
Welcome to the Posiverse The Posiverse Drake, Morgana, and Launchpad.
Volleyball Posiduck II plays Volleyball with Essobee. They couldn't find a ball, however, so they had to make do.
No Respect Nega-Morgana knows how to deal with her problem child.
Here a Slug, There a Slug Feathers Galore The ever-calm-and-collected Darkwing Duck confronts Feathers Galore.
Slugfest Dr. Slug and his mutant cyborg ZOOOOOMBIE slugs!
Time Warp What does Gosalyn do on her nights off?
Death Scene 1 I told Lar that LP would have a death scene in this story, but I wouldn't tell him any more. So, he got back at me by gettin' goofy with it. What a surprise! This is "Disco Death".
Death Scene 2 And another goofy death scene, this time a Shakespearean one. Sorta.
Death Scene 3 And another...
Death Scene 4 And the scene as it actually appeared in the story.
Audubon Baywatch

Audubon Baywatch

Good, clean, wet fun!
Ahiru Biker Negs Negaduck as one of the bikers from "Akira".
Negaduck and Gosalyn Negs with his BFG and Gosalyn as one of the blue "children" from "Akira."
THIS I can handle! A gritty picture of Negs with his new BFG-9000.
Ahiru This would make a good piece of cover art.
Blazing Satellites Fashion Statement Ramjet makes a fashion statement to Morgana McCawber: "I don't know how to wear a coat!"
Avian Nation

New Look

Quiverwing's sporting a new look for the occasion.
The Hex Files The Mighty...? The Mighty Ducks contract the Juusenkyo Curse. Nice gams, Nosedive.
Sleepless and Spandex Jen A sketch of Jen Xianpu in street clothes.
Cat Burglar A sketch of "Black Spandex."
Cat Burglar #2 Another sketch of "Black Spandex."
Pairaducks Lost Portal Morgan is drawn back to Earth through a portal.
Dumbstruck Baka A pencil sketch of Baka that perfectly captures his vacant glare.
Not Jen and Terri These are not Jen and Terri from "Dumbstruck". Who let these guys into the wig closet?!
Upcoming Posiduck and Negademon 1 Based on a story I'm in the process of roughing out, these B&W sketches are of the angel Posiduck and the demonic Negaduck duking it out once and for all. Who says nice guys finish last? Besides Negaduck, that is?
Posiduck and Negademon 2

Character Based Art

Quiverwing Quack 1 In padded armor.
Quiverwing Quack 2 The early years.
Quiverwing Quack 3 An action shot.
Quiverwing Quack 4 On her Ratcatcher.
Swimsuit Pinup of Quiverwing Quack For the St. Canard fanboys to drool over.
Quiverwing Quack and the Arrow Kid Inspirational pic for the adult team.
Dr. Honker Muddlefoot The adult Honker.
Nega-Morgana A pencil sketch of the Negaverse Morgana getting annoyed.
First Date Morgana goes on a date with... um... maybe this is a relative of The Beast? (side note - I received this file on April 1, 1997. Coincidence?)
We Make Commotion Beneath The Ocean The Negaverse household takes a day off at the beach.
Essobee Drawn early on, before Lar developed a fetish for humiliating the duck.
Don't Write the Kid Off Essobee displays some battle trophies.
Morgan versus Essobee The first clash of the Negaverse and Posiverse counterparts.
Essobee/Morgan The two sorcerous counterparts - compare and contract. (This oughtta be a comic book cover.)
Negaverse Ramjet We got Posiverse and Negaverse versions of everyone else, why not Ramjet McQuack from "Pairaducks Lost"?
"Do you know Steve?" A meeting of two space ducks.
Ryogajet Ramjet McQuack as Ryoga from "Ranma 1/2" Hmmm, not bad...
Roger, Ramjet He's our man, the savior of our nation...
Like My Helmet? A sketch of Ramjet McQuack in a ceremonial costume.

Marius Magnus

An inspirational sketch of Marius, the Vampire.
Chernoduc The Negademon as Chernobog from "Fantasia."


Lar has done a lot of caricatures of his vic - er, friends.
Size DOES Count! This pic is one of my favorites. It was the original header graphic for The Negapage.
Hexaduckimal Yours Truly as an avian version of Reboot's Hexadecimal.
Earthworm Kim I don't know WHAT to say about this...
Kimmi Bear ...or this...
You Asked For It ...or this, except to say that Lar is EVIL. (Shirley Temple?!? ARRRRRGH!!)
Sailor Nemesis Lar is evil. He drew me as a sailor scout! At least I got a cool name - Sailor Nemesis, after the tenth planet - and platform shoes.

Sailor Nemesis 2

Another pic of Sailor Nemesis. Note the red, yellow, and black color scheme!
Noogies! Wendy noogies the heck out of Essobee!
More Noogies! I noogie Leilah!
Frankie McWetland Who just happens to carry around a chainsaw. Coincidence?
Kima, Warrior Princess I get more smiting done this way...
Kimit the Frog Have I mentioned that Lar is evil?
Slack and Hash Wendy and I got parts in Reboot! A sketch.

Essobee and Mozenrath

Lar has an incomprehensible fetish for humiliating these two magical punks.
Not that I mind.
Cute 'Do, Ess. Lar tries to blame his nefarious deeds on some perfectly innocent fanfemmes.
Chasing Essobee And here's one of those fanfemmes now!
Essobee in Magenta Ess was never in The Rocky Horror Picture show. If he was, he'd probably look like this. So let's all be glad he wasn't.
S-Chan Essobee as P-Chan from "Ranma 1/2". Don't ask me how Ess became a pig.
Guinea Ess Ess was turned into a guinea pig. Don't ask how on this one either.
Y-S-O-B Ess joins an '80s rock group.
Daarin! Essobee as a Japanese demon babe.


Essobee: "You're... despicable." Lar: "What else is new?"


Yet another reason for Essobee to hate Lar.

Hands of Fate

A sketch of Essobee as The Master from "Manos: The Hands of Fate"


A sketch of Essobee as Marilyn Monroe.
Sonny and Cher 1 Ess and Moze as the infamous singing duo? Sketch.
Sonny and Cher 2 Hmm, maybe this works better. Sketch.
Duck and Human These two with Russian accents? Nahhh...
Elvisobee A sexy sketch of Essobee? Yikes.
Kassobee Essobee as Cassim from "Aladdin and the King of Thieves".
Payback Time Eventually, Essobee and Mozenrath do get back at Lar for all their humiliation!

Other Goofiness

Statuette of Essobee A photo of a small figurine of Ess.
Kimlia What I'd like to find out is how Talia from Babylon 5 borrowed my head without my knowing it.

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