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Darkwing Duck Art

Audubon Baywatch 2

Drake, why do you have ice cream on your foot?

Launchpad, You EEDIOT! A crossover that must never happen.
Duck Vs. Duck In the style of "Spy Vs. Spy".
Hani Wampus! Darkwing and Morgana go anime.
Morgana Revealed Why haven't we ever seen Morgana's legs?
Moze K. Furter Mozenrath goes Rocky Horror, with the help of Essobee and two fan-femmes.
Ramjet 1/2 Essobee and Ramjet as Shampoo and Ranma. It may make no sense, but it is cute.
Nega-Morgana In all her arachnid glory.
Bonkers Revealed What happens when you de-colorize Bonkers? You find out the what he really is!
The Young Ducks Alternate designs for the cast of "Quack Pack", inspired by The Young Ones.
Honywumpus Another picture of the Negaverse Morgana McCawber.
Life's a Witch and
Then You Fly
Nega-Morgana flying in the moonlight on her broomstick. Sidesaddle, of course, because she is a lady of quality. (Right...)
Skyclad Nega-Morgana Y'know what "skyclad" means? It means that this drawing is rated PG-13.
Insult and Injury Done for someone who had just sprained her foot.


Nega-Morgana sometimes likes to run around in her underwear...

Negaduck is DOOMed

What happens when you put Negaduck and DOOM together? Much unpleasantness, of course. This comes in the form of a four-part comic strip. One - Two - Three - Four
LP Bravo Launchpad McQuack tries out the "Johnny Bravo" look.
Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck Does what the Denizen of Destiny does best: poses for a picture.
Portrait of Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck poses in front of one of his biggest fans.
Portrait of Gosalyn Mallard Gosalyn Mallard, Hockey Master!
Portrait of Launchpad McQuack Thumbs up!
Portrait of Morgana McCawber Morgana poses with Archy, her familiar.
Portrait of Dr. Reginald Bushroot Bushroot in a reflective mood.
Portrait of Negaduck Negaduck in a very typical moment.
Portrait of Nega-Morgana Just what the description sez - a portrait of the Negaverse Morgana McCawber.
Bored Negademon It's been too long since I drew this guy. The Negademon is bored, and when he's bored he starts looking for something to do, and someone to do it unto. (Background assembled out of flats from the games DOOM and Hexen.)
Death as a Career Move The origin of the Negademon.
Deathless Love Nega-Morgana summoned a demon. Who knew she'd get an old flame?

Art based on "A Bug's Life"

Verde An entymological impossibility, but who cares? I'll bet Manny and Gypsy were surprised.
Drastic Measures What if Flik had sought help in the "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" universe?

Miscellaneous Miscellania

Ganymede Remembers A Roy Lichtenstein spoof.
Dive in Denim Nosedive (from "The Mighty Ducks") goes native.
The Author A self-portrait of this page's creator.
Sailor Moo Sailor Moon. Cow & Chicken. A crossover which must not happen.
Man-Bird Birdman is a muscled-up man with bird wings stuck on. So, Manbird is...
Miss Ma'm'selle Madam-an-zelle Hepzibah from the old comic strip "Pogo."
The Littlest Prince The Prince from "Katamari Damacy." One day he will be The King of All Cosmos...
Marshmallows Cousins Oyuko, Maki, and Bibi (who I just made up) try to toast marshmallows. Some people like them burnt.
Portrait of the Artist as a
Young Jägermonster
If I were to appear in Phil & Kaja Foglio's brilliant comic Girl Genius, this is probably what I'd look like.
Boy of Steel Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. He's such a cute kid.
New! Wordsworth Wordsworth from the Catillac Cats. I used to watch that show every day after school.
New! The Red Tornado This is the original, Golden Age Red Tornado, created by Sheldon Mayers. My favorite superhero of them all.

Some stuff that isn't even cartoons.

Abyssinian A drawing of an Abyssinian cat I did some years ago. Prismacolor pencils on matte board.
Persian A line drawing of a Persian cat. (Yes, Persian cats actually look like that.) Technical pens on white bristol board.
Hossies One fateful day the concepts of the musicals "Cats" and "Fosse" combined with horses, and this poster was born. I can't take the credit for the idea; the "Producers" came up with it.

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