Slack's Windows Mascots

If you already know how to use desktop mascots, then just download the mascots you want, unzip the files, and put 'em in your mascots folder. If you do not know how to work with desktop mascots, download and install the player, Otaku Mascot, which you can get for free from the official Otaku Mascot site.

Unless otherwise stated, these mascots are by Kim McFarland. They may be downloaded for personal use - that's what I made them for! - but may not be archived on other websites without permission.

Hup, Two, Free, Fo-er

Cyberdemon on Patrol

Meet the Cyberdemon. He walks back. He walks forth. He doesn't do a dang thing else. Nobody ever said he was smart. 195K, zipped.

Note: The file was incompletely uploaded before. It's working now, I promise!

Cyberdemon © Id Software

You wanna piece of me?!

Cyberdemon Shootout

Now this is more like the Cyberdemon we all know and love. He glares at you. He threatens you. Click on him and he shoots at you. Click on him enough and you just may win. But don't worry - another one'll be along shortly. 151k, zipped. 1 sound.

Cyberdemon © Id Software


Leggo my Window!

Here we have a hand that grabs your window. It's my hand. I can prove it. See that deformed pinky nail? That happened in an ice skating accident when I was five. Anyway, you can get rid of the hand, but don't count on it staying away for long. 17K, zipped.

One! Singular sensation!

Red Hexadecimal

Red Hex watches you. She smiles. She shows her legs. She leers. She's Hex, in other words. 39K, zipped.

Hexadecimal © Mainframe Entertainment

To mend and defend... and sit around and grin.

Glitch Bob

Guardian Bob from ReBoot is here to mend and defend your desktop! Well, he doesn't do much mending and defending, but he will smile winningly at you if you pay attention to him and sulk if you don't. 48K, zipped.

Glitch Bob © Mainframe Entertainment

Hello, cheekie!

White Hex

White Hexadecimal is not a Virus so I can't make a cheesy joke about her infecting your desktop. So I'll just say she's single, looking, and her turn-ons include being clicked. 48K, zipped. 1 sound.

White Hexadecimal © Mainframe Entertainment

Our country 'tis of thee

U.S. Flag

Originally made for some of the people in my office - I work in an office full of veterans - this is simply an American flag that ripples gently in the wind. I created this from one of those ubiquitous animatd GIFs you see everywhere on the net. 12K, zipped.

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