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Stratos: I'll find some Eternium.

Skeletor: I want some too!

[Stratos and Trap Jaw go the cold, snowy part of Eternia. They fight. Stratos breaks his wing and Trap Jaw breaks his leg.]

Trap Jaw: Trust me.

Stratos: Okay.

[He-Man, wearing his new Ice Armor, rides Battle Cat to the snowy area.]

Mattel: Buy Ice Armor He-Man!

[Abominable Wolfmen capture Stratos and Trap Jaw.]

Stratos: Trust me.

Trap Jaw: No, trust me!

Wolfman: Maybe.

[They are put in a storeroom with a display case of Eternium. Trap Jaw eats some.]

Wolfman: I don't trust you. Besides, that wasn't Eternium.

Trap Jaw: Urp.

[He-Man and Skeletor and Beast Man and Tri-Klops and Evil-Lyn fight. The Bad Guys lose. He-Man moves a big slab of something into place. All is well with the world again.]

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