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Snake Pit

[Unseen by incompetent guards, a lizard gives the jail keys to a prisoner. He gets out, rips off his muzzle, and reveals himself to be Cobra Khan.]

Fans: The SNAKE MEN are back! Hooray!

[Cobra Khan goes to Snake Mountain, finds that Skeletor is squatting on their turf, and worms his way into Skeletor's gang. Meanwhile, Our Heroes go get Zodak to help.]

Fans: It's ZODAK! Yippee!

[Zodak glues Skeletor and company to the walls. Cobra Khan sets the Snake Men free. Adam FINALLY turns into He-Man. They all fight.]

Fans: It's RATTLOR! And KING HISS! Yaaaaay!

[Zodak and He-Man seal all but the most merchandisable of the Snake Men back into the pit. Skeletor runs away, and the Good Guys don't bother to follow him, even though they're all inside Snake Mountain.]

He-Man: Wanna join up?

Zodak: Okay.

[The fans turn cartwheels and handsprings in their joy, and debate the identity of the fuzzy thing in the prison and the spider in Snake Mountain.]

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