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The Island

Crab Guys: Click click click.

Clawful: Duhhh.

[Man-At-Arms goes to Orcus Island with Adam and Teela to visit Dekker, his mentor. They are ambushed by Crab Guys.]

Clawful's Cousin: Gotcha!

[Our Heroes battle cool-looking Crab Guys and dopey-looking giant jellyfish. The jellyfish commit hari kari with their own stingers.]

Man-At-Arms: Ow.

[Man-At-Arms got stung after all. Imagine that. He-Man swims a chocolate milk sea to get a cure, and returns with it before any of that nasty ol' dramatic tension can creep in. Thus, Man-at-Arms survives the third round of his battle with seafood.]

Dekker: I have an idea.

[We never find out what it is.]

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