"Masters of The Universe" Episodes-in-a-Second

The Council of Evil, Part 1

[The Usual Gang of Idiots go after yet another magical thingy for Skeletor. The Masters show up. They all fight and the battle is KICK-ASS and COOL!]

Man-At-Arms: We won. Everybody, go away and leave the planet unguarded.

Everybody: Okey-dokey!

Skeletor: Nyaa-haa-haa!

[Second-string bad guys attack the masters and pick them off one by one. The giants get Buzz-Off, Evilseed gets Ram-Man and Man-E-Faces, and Count Marzo gets Mekaneck. Webstor tries to get Stratos and Orko, but Orko gets away. Skeletor and Man-At-Arms fight, and it is COOL, especially when Skeletor wins.]

Orko: There was this thing! HELP!

Adam: That's my cue.


[The newly-formed Council of B-String Villains Evil wonders what's so dang funny.]

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