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The Council of Evil, Part 2

Narrator: Last time on He-Man...

Fans: Yeah, yeah, get on with it!

[He-Man plays badminton with three giants, then goes gardening with Evilseed.]

Sorceress: He-Man, you are needed!

He-Man: No kidding. I would never have guessed.

[He-Man turns into Adam, then loses his sword before he can change again.]

Teela: Orko, Find He-Man!

Orko: Uh...

[All of the Masters but Adam and Cringer get captured. And Orko, if Orko counts. Adam goes to defend Grayskull all by his little self.]

Adam: Ha ha! Here come my buddies!

[His buddies turn out to be Skeletor's old cronies.]

Adam: Oh, crap!

Fans: ARRRGH! THEN what happened?!

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