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The Last Stand

Adam: You won't get away with this, Skeletor!

[Skeletor whips Adam's skinny butt.]

Orko: Hiya! Lookee what I got!

[Orko eventually gives Adam his sword. Adam becomes He-Man. The fans gasp in awe at the new animation. Zodak rescues the Sorceress. The battle royale begins, and it is COOL! People blast each other. He-Man slices flying ships in half. Giants fall on people. Then Evil-Lyn, Marzo, and Skeletor pin He-Man with their magic.]

Skeletor: NYAA-HAA-HAA!

[Moss Man arrives in a tidal wave of kudzu. The Heroic Warriors are also surfin' on the foliage.]

Skeletor's Original Evil Warriors: Jeez, what'd we come back for?

Most of the Council of Evil: Screw this, I'm outta here.

[The Bad Guys depart. Having learned nothing from recent events, nanosecond later, Zodak and the Sorceress let down the protective spells on Castle Greyskull.]

Duncan: I quit. I screwed up.

King Randor: No, I screwed up.

Queen Marlena: Oh, shut up.

King Randor: I know! What Eternia needs is more bureaucracy!

Kobra Khan: King Hiss could use someone like you, Evil-Lyn.

Evil-Lyn: No, I'm loyal to Skeletor. Wait, you talked me into it. A-ha-ha-ha!

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