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To Walk With Dragons

[The Council of Good Guys is about to meet. Man-at-Arms enslaves the masters into working in his munitions sweatshop.]

Skeletor: I must stop that council from meeting! But how?

Beast Man: Ooo! I got a new idea! Attack 'em with monsters! Look! Serpenitors!

Evil-Lyn: Nuh-huh. Dragons'll eat 'em.

Stinkor: I'll stink 'em off!

Beast-Man: [to Evil-Lyn] Nyaah nyaah.

[Stinkor creates more fumes than a volcanic eruption, chasing the dragons off. Serpenitors fly toward the palace.]

Man-at-Arms: Look, I made some mechanical dragons. Good thing Serpenitors are myopic.

[The Serpenitors maul the robo-dragons.]

Man-at-Arms: Help.

Stratos: Time to earn your keep, Orko.

[Orko and Stratos fly to the Valley of the Dragons and show them pictures of Serpenitors. The dragons fly back and fight the serpenitors. He-Man runs around on a robo-dragion.]

Mattel: Buy our Dragon Walkers! In stores now!

[The Council of Good Guys is threatened by serpenitors, but He-Man gets rid of 'em, so they're all happy now.]

Man-At-Arms: Orko, you actually didn't suck today.

Orko: Yay!

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