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Out of the Past

Skeletor: Behold, my new latest ultimate weapon!

Mattel: Buy our Slime Pit playset!

[Teela falls into Pelisia, a village full of Mogwai-like critters. They treat her like a returning hero.]

Sorceress: Man-at-Arms, listen well to this backstory.

[The Sorceress recounts how she took a vacation from Grayskull, kicked ass in Pelisia, and "married" a man with bandages all over his face. Then Skeletor airdrops three gummi skeletons into Pelisia just for the hell of it. The gummis attack Teela, He-Man, Man-at-Arms, and Battle Cat with their epoxy-like loogies. He-Man gives Teela a haircut, paving the way for a new action figure.]

He-Man: I know! We can bake them just like pottery! Snot's just like clay, isn't it?

Man-At-Arms: Sounds good to me.

[They shoot flames at the gummis, and lo and behold snot really does turn into glassy stuff when heated. He-Man, Man-at-Arms, and Teela then bust the three big paperweights.]

Sorceress: And then he got me pregnant and left me, so I moved back home. The end.

Man-at-Arms: Huh.

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