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Rise of the Snake Men, Part 1

Zodak: By the pricking of my thumbs, something scaly this way comes.

[Evil-Lyn, Cobra Khan, and General Rattlor mug Zodak.]

Evil-Lyn: I am getting paid for this, right?

[The Good Guys go attack Snake Mountain 'cause the Sorceress has a hunch. Adam changes into Snake Armor He-Man. The Good Guys and Bad Guys fight and jump around and fight and clobber monsters and lava golems and fight. Commercial break. Then they fight some more. Meanwhile, Two Snakes and a Little Lady release the Snake Men, featuring Snake Face, Tung Lashor, and King Hsss.]

Mattel: In stores now!

Man-at-Arms: Skeletor's warriors finally beat us! Run away! WAAAH!

Skeletor: Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I won! I won! I actually won! Hey, wait a minute, who the hell are you?

King Hsss: The landlord, you squatter.

[King Hsss turns all snaky and hilarious scary. The Snake Men turn all of Skeletor's men to stone, except for Evil-Lyn, who becomes King Hsss's moll, and Skeletor, who gets eaten by the snake throw rug.]

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