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Rise of the Snake Men, Part 2

Zodak: I will battle the Snake Men.

He-Man: We will battle the Snake Men!

[The two of them whup each other's butts.]

Zodak: All right, but I get dibs on King Hiss.

He-Man: Deal.

Evil-Lyn: I set you free! You owe me!

King Hsss: All right, I'll have you for dinner!

Evil-Lyn: Urk - hey, lemme show you where a bunch of power we could never get our hands on before is!

King Hsss: Deal.

[He-Man, Teela, Stratos, Mekaneck, Man-At-Arms, and Stratos fight the Snake Men that approach Castle Grayskull. Meanwhile, Ram-Man, Sy-clone, Roboto, Moss Man, Orko, and all of the other Masters sit around and watch TV 'cause nobody thought of inviting them to help save Eternia. King Hsss fighs the Sorceress, who for once actually fights back rather that using one burst of power and then fainting.]

He-Man: Snakebite! There's no way I can suck all that venom out! Zod- hey, where'd he go?

[In the castle basement, King Hsss is prowling among the crystals.]

Zodak: My name is Zodak. You kill my brother. Prepare to die.

[They fight and break a bunch of crystal platforms. King Hsss is smushed by a vengeful lump of quartz. Zodak, ignoring the outraged screams of the FCC, flings King Hsss from the top of Castle Grayskull down into the gorge. The Snake Men leap off after him, earning the new title of The Lemming Men. And suddenly everything's all right again, Skeletor and his Persons of Hench de-eaten, de-shattered and de-stoned, because everyone knows that once you kill the boss baddie then everything goes back to normal.]

Skeletor: Evil-Lyn, I'm gonna GET you for this.

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