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The Price of Deceit

[Skeletor and his minions chase Evil-Lyn.]

Evil-Lyn: Daddy! Help!

The Faceless One: Sorry, kid, no can do. I'll see if I can get someone. [as a fireball] Hey, anyone wanna stop a human sacrifice?

[Adam takes the bait, transforms into He-Man in full view of anyone in the courtyard, and flies off on a non-working Wind Raider.]

Evil-Lyn: You don't want to kill me! Think of all the backstory we have!

[In a pair of flashbacks, Evil-Lyn joins the hunky Keldor's goon squad by giving him jewelry, then helps him become Skeletor.]


Skeletor: Eh. So what?

[Skeletor tries to feed Evil-Lyn to a leftover bit of Lovecraft. He-Man saves her and slices up the squishy thing.]

Evil-Lyn: Maybe I should become a good guy... nah, I don't wanna change my name.

King Hsss: Hey, don't forget about us. The Snake Men are gonna show up again eventually. Honest.

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