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Second Skin

Adam: Sorceress, the Snake Men are back! Help!

Sorceress: Sorry, kid. Zodak's busy and I'm not feeling so hot. All I know is that it's got something to do with a hoop snake, whatever that is, in the Sea of Rakash.

[He-Man, Teela, Duncan, and Mekaneck go to the Sea of Rakash and show off their snazzy snakeskin diving suits. The Snake Men evolve gills and fins. The four Masters and the Snake Men fight it out underwater. King Hsss gets his Hoop Snake. Everyone runs away.]

Orko: Hey, Rattlor! Tell me about the Hoop Snake! Tell me tell me tell me! Or I'll use strategy on ya!

[Orko actually learns something. Roboto goes and tells the four Masters, who are now duking it out with Snake Cats in one of Carnivus's villages.]

Roboto: The Hoop snake turns people into Snake Men.

He-Man: No kidding.

Orko: Tell me how to get rid of the Hoop Snake! Tell me or I'll sic this weasel I keep in my clothes on you!

[General Rattlor spills his guts. Back at the village, there's more fighting. King Hsss turns Teela, Duncan, and Mekaneck into Snake Men, but somehow forgets about He-Man. Then he climbs up on a snake pillar and prepares to turn all of Eternia into snake men.]

Orko: Nothing on Eternia can stop the Hoop Snake!

[He-Man breaks the pillar off at the bottom and flings the whole freakin' thing all the way into the sun. The Snake Men scamper off, but by the power of Mattel they will be back.]

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