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The Power of Grayskull

[Adam dreams of fan art and fan fiction.]

Sorceress: Come to me. I have more backstory for you.

[In the past, He-Man was married to the Sorceress, the Sorceress had wings on her butt, Battle Cat was a lion, and Orko was The Great and Powerful Oz. The more things change, the more they remain the same.]

Grayskull [AKA He-Man with long hair]: Graah... Dying... must... do... dramatic... scene!

[Grayskull originates the Power Sword, predicts He-Man's appearance, and then flops over dead.]

He-Man: I won't let you revive Hordak!

Skeletor: So who wants to?

[Skeletor blasts Hordak's shrine, thus sealing his only way back into Eternia. No foolin' this time. This is not a set-up for a sequel. Honest.]

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