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Rattle of The Snake

[The Snake Men enslave some Caligars. King Hsss reminds us how eeeevil he is by eating one alive. The Speleans and Caligars go to war.]

Randor: Jeez, can't you guys get along for five minutes?!

[Adam, Teela, Duncan, and Fis- er, Battle Fist go chase Snake Men. They find them. They fight them. Adam Turns into He-Man, and King Hsss brings four really big snake statues to life. They fight some more. The Speleans and Caligars show up. More fighting.]

King Hsss: I have my god Serpos's magic bauble, which hopefully He-Man won't just smash at the end of the next episode like he always does! Run Away!

[The Snake Men run off. Everyone bashes the giant snakes. Then everyone shakes hands, beginning a peace between the Caligars and Speleans that ought to last at least a week.]

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