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King Hsss: Soon we shall awaken Serpos!

[The now-gnomelike Count Marzo meets Evil-Lyn.]

Evil-Lyn: I'm tired of Skeletor and King Hsss. Help me summon Hordak and I'll give you your amulet back.

[Marzo agrees. He also gets his real form back and beats up on some Vikings, and it is COOL. Some masters break into the Snake Men's hideout, and then are actually surprised when the Snake Men attack. Cringer attacks Tung Lashor, and it is COOL! Then He-Man fights King Hsss on a lava river, and Hsss learns to turn into mist and teleport right before falling into the lava.]

He-Man: King Hsss is gone.

Fans: Yeah, right.

[Evil-Lyn summons Hordak, and he is big and Godlike and COOL, until He-Man screws the spell up.]

King Hsss: Hi, I'm not dead. And we shall awaken Serpos real soon now!

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