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Awaken the Serpent

King Hsss: Arise, Serpos!

[Snake Mountain regrows two of its heads and comes to life, and it is COOL!]

Skeletor: I'm gonna get someone for this.

[Snake Mountain, now Serpos, attacks Palace Eternia. It smashes it and drips lava all over it. He-Man is mildly dismayed. Some of the Masters fight the big hydra and lose. He-Man is knocked back to Adam.]

Zodak: Get up.

[Zodak watches Adam change into He-Man. Serpos goes to attack Castle Grayskull.]

King Hss: Eat me!

Zodak: You first.

[King Hss eats his own head off. He-Man's sword now SPLITS and has a GLOWING THING in the middle and he fights Serpos and slices it all up and it is COOL!]

He-Man: By the power of Grayskull!

[The Elders Ex Machina come out, restore Serpos to health for some reason, then stick it back in place as Snake Mountain. He-Man and Zodak return to where the Snake Men have whupped all of the Masters who cared to show up, and drops the occasonally-dead Hsss into their midst.]

General Rattlor: Run away!!

[The Snake Men rush off, looking for another cliff to jump off.]

Fans: ...That's it?

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