"Masters of The Universe" Episodes-in-a-Second

"The Shaping Staff"

[He-Man busts up Man-At-Arms's training equipment.]

He-Man: Can I have a lift home?

Man-At-Arms: No.

[Orko summons Evil-Lyn, who then swaps the king with Beast Man, and then with a goat. Orko plays cricket. Skeletor creates Faker, a replica of He-Man who sometimes has glowing eyes, by pointing. Evil-Lyn turns The Sorceress into a tree and He-Man into a statue.]

He-Man: Look, I'm suddenly telepathic! Sorceress, use your magic to break the spell!

Sorceress: Why didn't I think of that?

[He-Man throws Faker into the bottomless gorge that sometimes surrounds Castle Grayskull instead of a mud pit.]

Skeletor: Fine, whatever. I'll be back! Nyaa haa!

Orko: Remember, kids, all strangers are out to get you!

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