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Masks of Power

Man-At-Arms: Nobody knows where The City of The Ancients is!

Adam: Whaddaya know, here it is.

Aran and Una: We want to be henchmen, Skeletor!

Skeletor: What the heck. Go get me the Masks of Power, then.

[Aran and Una go get the masks, put them on, and become possessed by the spirits of Deemos and Terella, the former evil rulers. They go looking for The Sword of The Ancients, which for them would be The Sword of The Contemporaries. It's in Skeletor's basement.]

Deemos: I want the sword! Gimme gimme!

Sword: Nuh-uh. I got a prophecy to fulfil.

[The Sword of the Ancients merges with He-Man's Power Sword. The power of the masks is broken. Aran and Una take them off, and are instantly good guys.]

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