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Evil-Lyn's Plot

[Skeletor and a few of his minions attack the Widgets. The Widgets send up the He-Signal, interrupting He-Man's day of stopping out-of-control carts and rescuing kittens caught up trees. He chases the Bad Guys off.]

Evil-Lyn: Let me get the coridite. All I have to do is go blonde and speak in falsetto and they'll give it right to me.

[She does and they do.]

Skeletor: This will make me stronger than Me-Man! And then I will beat He-Man! Nyaa haa haa!

[Skeletor makes a copy of his chest crossbones out of coridite. It makes him stronger until He-Man smushes it. Good thing it doesn't occur to Skeletor to gather up the pieces and make another.]

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