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Colossor Awakes

Skeletor: Behold the Collector! Blah blah blah take over Grayskull!

[The Collector's rays turn people into statues and bring statues to life. Then Skeletor brings a great big bug-faced statue to life.]

Skeletor: Colossor! Capture Grayskull!

Colossor: Okey-dokey.

Sorceress: He-Man! Pad the episode out by getting fire jewels to turn Man-At-Arms back to flesh!

He-Man: No problemo, here I go.

[He-Man jumps over lava to get fire jewels, which the Sorceress transmutes into a packing peanut. It sticks the Collector's controls together, turning the statues back to people.]

Skeletor: What the - ?!

[He-Man and his buddies beat Colossor into gravel. Hopefully it wasn't sentient or anything.]

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