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Reign of the Monster

[Skeletor steals the Staff of Avion, an ancient fantastical magic artifact whose main use is setting off firecrackers. Its secondary use is busting giant evil centaur monsters out of crystals.]

Skeletor: Beat up my enemies and get me into Grayskull!

[The monster reigns by following orders.]

Sorceress: He-Man, the staff will explode and blow up half the planet if it's used in a naughty way.

[After everybody kills some time fighting, He-Man throws the staff into space, where it explodes, undoes all the non-nice stuff it did, and then comes back intact and ready for more fireworks.]

Skeletor: Grayskull's open! I win!

He-Man: Tag!

Skeletor: Oh, never mind. [disappears]

Ram Man: Why was I in this episode?

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